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You have to know how to get started 🙂
Happy marriage.

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I guess I should live in Alaska, because I love winter, snow and hot soup or tea with raspberry syrup to warm up …

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Days go by like crazy. I have a huge backlog of blogging. The first three months of this year were filled with visits to the doctor: an internist, a neurologist, allergist, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist and a dentist. Finally, I was diagnosed with: chronic migraine and chronic allergies. 15 migraine days per month + an allergy to grass pollen, weeds, trees, mold, dust mites, feathers, dogs, cats and even cockroaches took my energy.

I’m learning how to live better and healthier. I avoid sweets and sugar. Unfortunately, I still drink too much coffee.

I know it is almost June. I didn’t show my cards for Christmas or photos from our ski trips. But that’s okay. I will do it anyway.

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I love this book,  this book changed my life. I had too much stuff. Things – most of which I didn’t use. I spent probably six weeks sorting stuff. Some threw, I gave some friends, some of the husband took to the Goodwill. I had a ton too small or too damaged clothes.

I still have some of my favorite clothes. Maybe someday I will wear again, or I decide it is time to give it to someone.

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It’s been a long time since my last post. In April I was very busy. First, it was Easter, then the presidential plane crashed, then we celebrated a friend’s birthday, then I painted the walls and furniture in the room of my daughter. I finished work in my daughter’s birthday. She was very happy and surprised. She did not know what I was doing in her room.

It started from the fact that we read a book (The Six Bullerbyn Children, Astrid Lindgren). One of the characters from the book – Lisa, got for the birthday present her own room (previously shared the room with her brothers).

Julia said she already has her own room, but would like it to be unique, girlish. You know… pink and purples, flowers, etc.

I painted the angel. The paint hangs over the window.

I decided to surprise her and here is the results:



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Spring is coming and me and my husband have sneezing and runny nose. Welcome allergy to pollen 😉

I want to tell you that I feel happy. A girl, about which many have heard, won with leukemia. Hooray!

Another thing: we purchased a full membership at the YMCA. Children are very busy (older): Mondays and Wednesdays in the afternoon, swimming lessons, Tuesday and Thursday: Karate. Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning: preschool sport skills (boys).

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