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This is my day

Today is my birthday. I wish myself everything the best. I can’t believe: I am 34 😯


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For last few days the weather is so crazy. Yesterday I thought: it is really hot day but today….when I looked at my thermometer and it showed me 110.6 F…I thought I see wrong.
Despite the too hot weather we had really nice day (AC on :-)). We had good time with the friends.
I picked up some peas in the morning, watered plants and did cleaning. Then we had yummy dinner (I could eat delicious garbanzo beans again :-)).
Unbelievable how people can change. I remember times before kids. I couldn’t imagine I live in a house, I have yard and I grow vegetables and herbs. I loved city apartments, big cities and everything associated with them. Now…I am very happy eating my own parsley and because I don’t live in dowtown.

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Days go fast like crazy. We will fly to Poland in one week. Definitely I need vacation. I feel tired (I am too tired to write here). I have to pack our suitcases , clean house and sew some clothes for doll .
I hope during vacation I’ll have more time. I plan to take a lot of pictures of Warsaw and Cracow and show here.
Last thursday I had dentist appointment. When I left his office I was very happy (I thought I will not have to see him for next three months). Hahaha…
I was wrong. I feel pain. I am not quite sure it’s toothache or gum sensitivity to heat and cold. What should I do?????
I hope I will wake up free of pain. If not, I will call him tomorrow morning.

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Time goes too fast

I can not believe it’s already July 14. I had no time to write here. I had doctors appointments. Last sunday we had an international potluck. We met with our neighbors in our home. We ate brazilian, indian and polish food. I love garbanzo bean dish made by my neighbor and friend. I love guava paste too (J.thanks again).
Today I had a busy day too. I woke up a 5.30 a.m. and went for a bike ride. When I came back I took a nap.
I went shopping in the afternoon. I bought some gifts for my nephews and a doll for my daughter. She has a favorite doll “Baby born”, but the doll is broken. Today I found in Ross “My little baby born” ( is smaller).
I plan to give gift for my daughter during our the trip to Poland. I can not wait to see her happiness.

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Salt dough

I love salt dough. It’s cheap and easy to use.

Basic recipe:

2 cups of Plain Flour
1 cup of table salt
1 cup of water

1 tablespoon of vegetable oil (makes it a little easier to knead)
1 tablespoon of wallpaper paste (gives the mixture more elasticity)
1 tablespoon of lemon juice (makes the finished product harder)

Put plain flour, salt and any, or all, of the optional ingredients into a mixing bowl and gradually add the water, mixing to soft dough. This should be neither too sticky, in which case add more flour, nor too dry, in which case add more water. When mixed remove from the bowl, place on a flat surface and knead for 10 minutes to help create a smooth texture. If possible it is best to let the dough stand for approximately twenty minutes before beginning a project. Unused dough can be stored in the fridge, in an airtight container or cling film, for up to a week. Children always love making models, and as long as you don’t add wallpaper paste all of the ingredients are natural. So if they are tempted to put it in their mouths, all it will do is taste incredibly salty.

The drying of your work can either be done naturally in the open air, or it can be baked in an oven. However it is not recommended that you have your oven hotter than 100C (200F/Gas Mark 1/4) as this can cause unsightly bubbles and cracks in your pastry. Personally, I tend to start at 50C and after 30 minutes increase to 100C. The drying time needed for each piece varies according to size and thickness, but an average time for natural drying is 30-48 hours, whilst oven times are generally reduced to 3-4 hours. These figures are only offered as a rough guide and remember that both sides must be dried out. When your model is dry, turn off the oven and leave it inside to cool down.

salt dough

Anioł włoski

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Today in the morning I was in other room when I heard:

Adam to Dominik:

You were not the first, tadadada (melody), I was the first, tadadada (melody).

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Today my almost five years old son said:

I know from where I came! When my mom was pregnant I was kicking her and I made a hole and I came out.

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