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Another year ends. This is a good time to think about what was and what will be. A little difficult for me to believe that soon will be 2010. I remember when I was in primary school, sometimes I thought about the year 2000. Then it seemed to me that 2000 is a distant future. Now … all look forward to the year 2010.

The year 2009 was not bad, but there were sad moments when my cousin died in October and  my uncle month earlier.

There were also great moments. We spent the holidays in Poland, once again went to Disneyland in California, we looked at how to grow flowers in our garden, we met up with friends and a lot of time spent together.

I hope that next year will be very good. I hope that everyone will be healthy and happy, that our plans and dreams become real.

I wish you the fulfillment of dreams, health, happiness and all the best. Happy New Year 2010.


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I love Christmas and I look forward to them all year round. I like to do Christmas cards, bake gingerbread cookies or decorate my house.

The following cards that I made recently:

Pictures are not the best, cards are much prettier than the pictures show.

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Christmas was very special. It was our sixth Christmas in the USA (first two years we traveled to Poland for Christmas). We spent it with our friends, who like us are immigrants (with some exceptions). We shared the wafer, exchanged greetings and ate supper.
After supper, children got presents. It was really nice.

Our family celebrated Christmas in Poland. Sometimes I am sad that this special day, we can not sit down to supper together. Fortunately, there are phones, internet and post offices (my sister has not received the package yet, I hope that she will get this week).

On the first day of Christmas Santa Claus visited us. We got a lot of gifts.Children (and we too) were very happy.

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I came back. Days pass quickly. I was very busy. In November I was doing greeting cards for Christmas, I met up with friends. In December I was looking for gifts, I made more greeting cards, was baking gingerbread cookies, read books. I did not have time to write a blog. I hope that in January I will write more. I will not bake cookies (with one exception: my husband’s birthday). I will avoid going to the shop (too often): more money, more time.

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