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Hello Folks

I am sitting in front of the computer with stuffed nose and hope that today would be a good day. On Friday I was at my allergist office, who tried to convince me to take allergy shots (please do not be afraid, that such a tiny needle, smaller than that for the flu vaccination). I came back from her office sick. I swear, I am always sick after visit in her office. Because summer is over, I started making Christmas cards. I bought metallic acrylic paints and had a lot of fun. What’s the most important, on Saturday Dominik had his first soccer game. His team did not win, but it’s doesn’t matter. He had fun – this is important.


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Spring is coming and me and my husband have sneezing and runny nose. Welcome allergy to pollen 😉

I want to tell you that I feel happy. A girl, about which many have heard, won with leukemia. Hooray!

Another thing: we purchased a full membership at the YMCA. Children are very busy (older): Mondays and Wednesdays in the afternoon, swimming lessons, Tuesday and Thursday: Karate. Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning: preschool sport skills (boys).

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