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I like autumn: the sun and the red and gold leaves, but also clouds and rain. Something ends and something begins. It is a time for meditation, books, crafts, piano, pumpkin soup, cake, tea with lemon, naps under the blanket and a good movie. I like autumn in music.






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Good Morning Everyone

Hello from the north-west coast of the United States. It is 5.54 am, the thermometer shows a little more than 39 F, it is hard to believe that the afternoon will be the around 78 F. I am having my morning coffee, my house is still quiet. It will to be interesting, busy day – as usual (busy, because it’s not always interesting).
These sounds woke me up:

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Do you like listening to music? I am sure you do.
I like shanties and sea songs. Sometimes I listen to classical or celtic music, sometimes pop etc.
I like Krzysztof Malinowski.
You can listen to his songs on www.youtube.com

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