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I do not know what should be the title of today’s entry. After such a long break in writing, when I have so much to show and write. Christmas passed in a joyful atmosphere. The house was beautifully decorated, cakes smelled. Children try to be very polite, because they wanted to find gifts under the Christmas tree. We had a wafer, Christmas dishes, a lot of sweets (the first time in my life I baked poppy seeds cake). My husband has read the Bible. And then … you know: GIFTS :-). We started a new tradition. Usually, I and the children go outside and look for Santa and reindeer. This year Santa Claus put presents under Christmas tree night before Christmas Eve. Before kids got their gifts they had to do some job according to age (children).When the task was completed, they still couldn’t open them (they had to wait until all family members will get theirs).
I got Kindle touch and now I carry a small library in the bag 🙂

New Year Eve was nice to. I even purchased a dress and shoes for this occasion (I prefer to wear jeans an t-shirt).

I started a New Year as I wanted. After coming home from a party, I took shower and read book in my clean, quiet house. I had time for my family and friends and time for me. This is a good omen for next year.
Writing about what happened in December, I should mention about Winter Concert.

On You Tube I found a song I like most:

In December we also Celebrated Mikołajki in Polish Home in Seattle.

Adam was in a bad mood.

December was a time to say (hopefully temporary) goodbye to good friend.

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M = Me, A = Adam

M: Adam, are you hungry?

A: What kind of food we have?

M: I asked only if you’re hungry.

A: But what kind of food we have?

M: I didn’t prepare lunch yet. I just want to know if you’re hungry.

A: I’m going downstairs to see what food we have.

M: Adam, wait. I prepared nothing yet. I asked whether you’re hungry, because if not, I’ll cook something later.

A: I do not know if I’m hungry, maybe yes, maybe not.

M: Grrr. Adam if you’ll find out what’s for lunch, you’ll know whether you’re hungry or not?

A: Yes

M: It means only that you are hungry for what you like and if you don’t like some kind of food very much you are not hungry now?

A: Yes

M: Adam, I’m curious, for what are you hungry 🙂

A: Strawberry cereal with milk and coffee grain (polish grain beverage)

M: Phew, it’s cool. The whole pasta with spinach is for me;-)

A: Woooooooooow, Paaaaastaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!! I want strawberry cereal with milk, grain coffee and pasta.

M: If you eat my pasta, what with me;-)?

A: You will be hungry

M: Eeeeeeeeeeee, I do not want to be hungry.

A: Well, eventually you can eat pasta (more than I will eat).

Fortunately, the pasta was enough for me and Adam. My son also ate strawberry cereal with milk and drank his grain coffee.

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This post will be without pictures, because first of all is 5.30 am, besides I do not have yet. I have to drink coffee first. Saturday was very busy. In the morning, of course, gifts for birthday boy, then the soccer game. After the game, We came home fast and got ready for a party in friends house. We celebrated their Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah, the New Year. There were seven different cakes baked in the morning. Impressive. In the afternoon adopted grandmother of my children came for a visit. It was a nice day, unfortunately I shouldn’t  use sugar  (by the way – no one should) and yesterday we were literally on a “cake diet”. So I feel worse than yesterday morning.

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I can’t belive Dominik is seven today. He was a trouble-free baby. He had two long naps during the day, ate what I gave him, he liked his stroller. He didn’t need to be constantly on my hands and smiled happily to all. Today he is a volcano of energy, enjoys school, loves cars, motorcycles and trains. For many years, while eating purred like a cat (no matter whether it was a cake or soup), and when he was smaller – when I changed his diapers, he used  to say: “yowee toweee, yowee toweee”. Unfortunately he can not remember what it means. When he was in my belly, revealing his energetic nature. I remember according  to my doctor recommendation I went to sleep on the left side and my unborn baby became very active. He kicked me and stretched, in the end I had to change position. The next day, during a routine visit, the doctor said that baby is lying across my stomach and his head is at my left side. Ha, no one likes spend whole night standing on the head;-).

What is he now?  Smart, learns quickly, quickly runs or rides a bike. More photos of him I did like was the tiny (I mean, he couldn’t walk), because now before my camera is ready, he is gone.

In the hospital

At home

With mommy



Loving trains


Wants to know everything

Too fast for my camera

Loving sport

Loving unconventional hairstyles

He has the imagination


This is my Dominik: smart and handsome, brave and quick, and sharing with others, social, well liked. My pride and joy.

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It happened October 1:

2004 – Dominik was born



2008 -bookmarks

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This time I’ll show you an unusual book, because it is manually created by my daughter Julia and her friend Joelle. Both girls are the authors of the text, the author of the picture is my daughter. The book was given as gift to the school library; received a stamp, a number and you can borrow it:-)Topics: insects

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