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I do not know what should be the title of today’s entry. After such a long break in writing, when I have so much to show and write. Christmas passed in a joyful atmosphere. The house was beautifully decorated, cakes smelled. Children try to be very polite, because they wanted to find gifts under the Christmas tree. We had a wafer, Christmas dishes, a lot of sweets (the first time in my life I baked poppy seeds cake). My husband has read the Bible. And then … you know: GIFTS :-). We started a new tradition. Usually, I and the children go outside and look for Santa and reindeer. This year Santa Claus put presents under Christmas tree night before Christmas Eve. Before kids got their gifts they had to do some job according to age (children).When the task was completed, they still couldn’t open them (they had to wait until all family members will get theirs).
I got Kindle touch and now I carry a small library in the bag 🙂

New Year Eve was nice to. I even purchased a dress and shoes for this occasion (I prefer to wear jeans an t-shirt).

I started a New Year as I wanted. After coming home from a party, I took shower and read book in my clean, quiet house. I had time for my family and friends and time for me. This is a good omen for next year.
Writing about what happened in December, I should mention about Winter Concert.

On You Tube I found a song I like most:

In December we also Celebrated Mikołajki in Polish Home in Seattle.

Adam was in a bad mood.

December was a time to say (hopefully temporary) goodbye to good friend.


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The second post about The Santa Claus Day is not a mistake 🙂 Straight from Seattle we went to our good friend. So children could meet the american Santa Claus.

Julia asks for a small puppy
Dominik asked for Transformers

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December 5, 2010, we had a chance to celebrate St. Nicholas Day.
The kids got candy from Santa Claus, a Polish children’s theater group prepared a presentation. We listened to Christmas carols, drank hot chocolate and we met nice people.

If you want to know more about the Polish Home in Seattle, I recommend the website:

The contest for children – Julia sings “Brother John”

Contest – Julia got a reward: little frog
Santa Claus is coming
Adam is a little shy

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I know I should publish this post a few month ago. I would like to be able to stretch the day. My Christmas cards



Warm gloves

Christmas tree


St. Nicholas

Gold Christmas Tree

Christmas tree


Christmas tree


Christmas tree

Christmas tree

Gingerbread cookies (a gift for my son’s teacher)

Gingerbread cookies (a gift for my daughter’s teacher)

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For Christmas:

For Easter:


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Today I would like to show you the old stuff that I made some time ago.

Greetings cards:




Advent calendar:

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