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M = Me, A = Adam

M: Adam, are you hungry?

A: What kind of food we have?

M: I asked only if you’re hungry.

A: But what kind of food we have?

M: I didn’t prepare lunch yet. I just want to know if you’re hungry.

A: I’m going downstairs to see what food we have.

M: Adam, wait. I prepared nothing yet. I asked whether you’re hungry, because if not, I’ll cook something later.

A: I do not know if I’m hungry, maybe yes, maybe not.

M: Grrr. Adam if you’ll find out what’s for lunch, you’ll know whether you’re hungry or not?

A: Yes

M: It means only that you are hungry for what you like and if you don’t like some kind of food very much you are not hungry now?

A: Yes

M: Adam, I’m curious, for what are you hungry 🙂

A: Strawberry cereal with milk and coffee grain (polish grain beverage)

M: Phew, it’s cool. The whole pasta with spinach is for me;-)

A: Woooooooooow, Paaaaastaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!! I want strawberry cereal with milk, grain coffee and pasta.

M: If you eat my pasta, what with me;-)?

A: You will be hungry

M: Eeeeeeeeeeee, I do not want to be hungry.

A: Well, eventually you can eat pasta (more than I will eat).

Fortunately, the pasta was enough for me and Adam. My son also ate strawberry cereal with milk and drank his grain coffee.


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I guess I should live in Alaska, because I love winter, snow and hot soup or tea with raspberry syrup to warm up …

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Morning conversation with my daughter:

Julia: Mom, can we watch a movie for children?
I just told you, you will not eat movies.

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I talked with my husband on Skype. The connection was bad. I asked Adam to be quiet. Adam wanted to play trains, so he asked impatiently:

Mom, can You turn off this daddy?

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