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I found this recipe several years ago on one of vegetarian forum

We need:

  • 2 cups millet
  • water
  •  about 2 lb potatoes
  • 2 onions
  • little wholemeal flour (you can also use bread crumbs)
  • salt
  • pepper
  • oil

Rinse millet in cold water (using mesh strainer). Put into a pot, pour 4 cups water and cook slowly until grain will be soft and you will not see water in a pot. Boil the potatoes and puree, chop onions and saute. Combine all ingredients together, add a little oil, salt and pepper. Shape into patties and coat in flour. Bake at 350 F until golden brown on both sides. Of course you can fry, add the herbs and spices – whatever You like.


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Ghee is made by first making butter, and then clarifying it. Ghee has therapeutic properties (unique among other saturated fats) and has a very long shelf life. Clarified butter balances the hormonal system, accelerates wound healing and gastrointestinal inflammatory conditions such as ulcers or colitis. Often recommended to patients with lactose intolerance. According to Ayurveda, it is also the best fat for cooking. Dr. Rudolph Ballentine believes that the clarified butter, containing butyric acid, exhibits antiviral and anticancer properties (the acid in the body increases levels of interferon-a natural antiviral substance). For the preparation of ghee, it is better to use organic  butter because the milk fat containes pesticide residues in food for cows). My ghee, unfortunately I did with regular butter. I recommend anyway, because I still think that better than refined oils, or regular  butter for frying. Freshly made ghee is a nice, slightly nutty flavor.

In a saucepan heat the butter (normally I do with 2 lb – This way I don’t need to do more often), bring to boil, then reduce the heat. Butter is slightly bubbling. After some time on the surface of the foam begins to accumulate. Smart books say to collect foam, I follow the advice of my friend and I leave the foam (this is easier anyway for me). After some time, most of the scum sinks to the bottom of the pot. When the butter stops bubbling, turn off heat (I have electric oven) and wait a little. Then using a dense mesh and cheese cloth I shed to clean and dry the jar (it’s important that the jar was dry, otherwise the mold can grow). When completely cool, turn off the jar. When I do two jars I usually a hold one in the refrigerator, the other on the kitchen counter. Currently, my ghee (all poured into a large jar) is at room temperature and is doing well.

Side effects: because it’s tasty, easy to overdose – make your bottom growing wide 😉

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Children made ​​a cake


Buckwheat with parsnips, onions, carrots and beets



Berry-cherry cake

Marbled muffins

Whole wheat pancakes

Vegan pumpkin seed pâté

Grilled vegetables prepared by a friend

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Pancakes with apples

Fruit cake

Fruit cake

Fruit cake

Pasta with vegetables


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My Indian friend shared with me a recipe for spinach paratha. Very tasty, nutritious meal.

Spinach paratha

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I like lazy pierogi. It is more a dessert than dinner :-)



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I had to cook something for tomorrow’s lunch for my daughter (and sons of course) 🙂

Garbanzo beans and veggies

Ready to eat soup

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