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Children made ​​a cake


Buckwheat with parsnips, onions, carrots and beets



Berry-cherry cake

Marbled muffins

Whole wheat pancakes

Vegan pumpkin seed pâté

Grilled vegetables prepared by a friend


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My Indian friend shared with me a recipe for spinach paratha. Very tasty, nutritious meal.

Spinach paratha

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I had to cook something for tomorrow’s lunch for my daughter (and sons of course) 🙂

Garbanzo beans and veggies

Ready to eat soup

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I was born in Poland, where for many people, bread is the basic. When I was a little girl, I loved to eat bread with fresh butter. I still remember the smell of bread from the corner shop. Now, whenever I want, I bake my own sourdough bread.

Homemade sourdough whole grains bread

Homemade sourdough whole grains bread

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…for example like this:

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Vegan pizza

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Quinoa and broccoli

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