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I read about this book in one of the polish newspapers and almost immediately┬á ordered “Battle Hymn…” in my library. I got number 92 and finally after several months I got a book for three weeks. “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” had a tremendous impression on me. I’m far from being a Chinese mother (representing the Chinese model of parenting, not nationality), I do not approve educational methods of Amy Chua, but on the other hand, many parents to not have any control over their kids which is not good either.

I recommend this book even if I have different views on raising children.

This photo is not mine. I took it from Wikipedia.


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Gypsy moth

Last June Julia’s teacher asked all kids to create some insects and their habitats. Julia chose gypsy moth. First we did a moth, which was a bad choice because it was impossible to create proportional to its size habitat.

As my friend said: do not worry, this moth looks like a character from the movie Avatar.

Next time we’ll do the habitat first…;-)

This is how a real gypsy moth looks like (picture from Wikipedia):

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The second post about The Santa Claus Day is not a mistake ­čÖé Straight from Seattle we went to our good friend. So children could meet the american Santa Claus.

Julia asks for a small puppy
Dominik asked for Transformers

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Time goes too fast

I can not believe it’s already July 14. I had no time to write here. I had doctors appointments. Last sunday we had an international potluck. We met with our neighbors in our home. We ate brazilian, indian and polish food. I love garbanzo bean dish made by my neighbor and friend. I love guava paste too (J.thanks again).
Today I had a busy day too. I woke up a 5.30 a.m. and went for a bike ride. When I came back I took a nap.
I went shopping in the afternoon. I bought some gifts for my nephews and a doll for my daughter. She has a favorite doll “Baby born”, but the doll is broken. Today I found in Ross “My little baby born” ( is smaller).
I plan to give gift for my daughter during our the trip to Poland. I can not wait to see her happiness.

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Today in the morning I was in other room when I heard:

Adam to Dominik:

You were not the first, tadadada (melody), I was the first, tadadada (melody).

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Today my almost five years old son said:

I know from where I came! When my mom was pregnant I was kicking her and I made a hole and I came out.

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My little son Adam (he will turn 3 in October) surprised me a few days ago.
He said: I want to play with Ella (she is almost 5-years old daughter of our friends). This is my right!
I wonder what he will say in 15 years??????

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