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I am here…

I have not written, I had a tough, stressful month. Different things have happened, some cool other very sad. But this is not what I wanted to write about…
I have a lot of photos, Julia learned to ride a horse for a week, flowers are blooming.  Our guinea pigs are cute and funny, I was able to photograph them. Time goes like crazy and soon I will celebrate my birthday.  I usually enjoy this day, I don’t need to have a party or something. I bought a gift for me.  And two days later I will quietly celebrate my nameday. Another gift is on the way (I hope it will fit me). It’s fun to be happy with your birthday, in the end it is only 36 🙂 I hope in 40 years I will say, that only76 :-)I will say goodnight now because saying the truth I feel a little sad (and not because of the birthday), I have to stand up straight, raise my head and move on.


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