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This time I’ll show you an unusual book, because it is manually created by my daughter Julia and her friend Joelle. Both girls are the authors of the text, the author of the picture is my daughter. The book was given as gift to the school library; received a stamp, a number and you can borrow it:-)Topics: insects


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I read about this book in one of the polish newspapers and almost immediately  ordered “Battle Hymn…” in my library. I got number 92 and finally after several months I got a book for three weeks. “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” had a tremendous impression on me. I’m far from being a Chinese mother (representing the Chinese model of parenting, not nationality), I do not approve educational methods of Amy Chua, but on the other hand, many parents to not have any control over their kids which is not good either.

I recommend this book even if I have different views on raising children.

This photo is not mine. I took it from Wikipedia.

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Health is a very interesting topic to me, mainly because I am not quite healthy (yet) and I know many people who have serious health problems. I read a lot about this and try to improve my health, physical condition. Besides fall is coming…You know…viruses, bacterias etc. Some time ago I bought a book: “The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Resource for Healthy Eating”, by  Rebecca Wood.
There are some information from book cover:

from Acorn to Zucchini, Aduki beans to the tropical Zapote fruit—The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia shows you howto select, prepare, store, and use medicinally morethan 1,000 familiar and unusual foods. Americans are becoming increasingly aware that food quality determines our health, and many cultures have long understood that food is often the best medicine for what ails us.

REBECCA WOOD, a nationally known whole foods authority, is just the person to bring this wealth of knowledge together in one volume. Since 1970, she has been teaching whole foods cook­ery to thousands across North America and Europe. An educational consultant to the natural foods industry for the last seventeen years, she also co-founded and directed the East-West Center in Boulder, Colorado, and runs the Be Nourished Cooking School. Her most recent book, The Splendid Grain, won both a James Beard Award and a Julia Child/IACP Award.


  • Tips on how to heal with Ayurveda, Western nutrition, and traditional Chinese medicine
  • A complete index, organized so readers can research treatments by ailment as well as the food itself
  • Line drawings illustrating unusual foods so readers can recognize them in stores O A glossary of medical terms
  • A list of resources for hard-to-find foods .
  • A fully cross-referenced format, with sidebar recipes throughout

This cough syrup is an absolute hit in my house:

  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 3 tablespoons dried thyme
  • 1 cup honey

Bring the water to a boil in a small saucepan. Remove from the heat. Add thyme, cover, and seep until cool. Strain. Stir in ! cup honey. Store in a covered glass jar, refrigerated, for several months. (One teaspoon taken every hour will relive a cough).

I do not know if you can reduce the amount of honey without loss for health benefits, then you also probably need to reduce the amount of water. Generally works, tested on my family, even in the past few days. Dominik looked quite miserable on Saturday morning, he had such a deep cough, but one day later he was better. This is easy to do, probably it is cheaper than the commercial  and has no preservatives or artificial colors. Generally recommended.

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