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I looked for a moment to mention something here. Yesterday was a marathon:

1. I woke up at 6 (Dominik was playing too loud with his metal cars)
2. At 9 I dropped  Julia, Dominik and friend’s daughter at school
3. About 11.40 I picked up Dominik
4. At 1.15 I went to school (and had no space to park, I should walk), because Julia was supposed to get an award from the principal ( for reading and writing, they mentioned that Julia is bilingual and can read and speak in both languages). When I started taking the video, Adam gave me such a great hug that the entire recording is jumping.
5. After 2 we were at home but at 3.22 I was at school again to pick up girls
6. At 5.3o I drove Julia’s friend to the ballet school (imagine four loudy children in one car).
7. I dropped little girl in her house around 7 p.m.  and we were kidnapped for a dinner (yummy). We came back home about 9.40 p.m.
8. In the meantime: laundry, cleaning and cooking.
Today Julia had an appointment with oral surgeon. He removed her two baby teeth and something teeth – like – structure from the gum (Julia’s  friend said that it looks like popcorn.)

Julia was brave, did not move. Many adults do not keep calm as Julia. I can’t be more proud. She was scared, but she did not want the doctor to know it (doctor said that if he sees that the child is afraid, he will refuse to do surgery without general anesthesia).

Tooth Fairy (usually the mom,  this time – daddy) gave Julia, two new petshops.

Now my daughter with daddy are watching Lord of the Ring. It is almost midnight, morning will be “five more minutes please” 🙂

Adam just woke up (noise), so I have company 🙂 He came check whether the monsters are downstairs. Dominik is still sleeping. Good. Tomorrow he will be the only one who feels rested.

I will better take a shower and go to bed. Tommorow will be a long day too.

I hope my English is not so bad.

Good night.


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I have not written a very long time, but I see light at the end of the tunnel. For more than three months I was sick, I still have some medical appointments. I’ve been in gastroenterologist (I have a small polyp in gallbladder), neurologists and allergists offices. I had an EEG, MRI. The doctor diagnosed a migraine. March 1st  I will know whether the tests will confirm migraine. I also had the Hida scan, but it seems that my pain was not caused by the gall bladder. Now the doctor wants to check the stomach. I hope this is just lactose intolerance. Skin tests (two types: prick and intradermal) showed that I am allergic to dust mites, molds, feathers, cat, dog, tree pollen, grass pollen, weed pollen, cockroaches. Now I know the enemy and I can fight him. Maybe I will not get sick.

I am going to upload some pictures of my Christmas cards. I hope I will do it on Sunday. We are going to ski tomorrow.

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My Indian friend shared with me a recipe for spinach paratha. Very tasty, nutritious meal.

Spinach paratha

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Spring is coming and me and my husband have sneezing and runny nose. Welcome allergy to pollen 😉

I want to tell you that I feel happy. A girl, about which many have heard, won with leukemia. Hooray!

Another thing: we purchased a full membership at the YMCA. Children are very busy (older): Mondays and Wednesdays in the afternoon, swimming lessons, Tuesday and Thursday: Karate. Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning: preschool sport skills (boys).

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I had to cook something for tomorrow’s lunch for my daughter (and sons of course) 🙂

Garbanzo beans and veggies

Ready to eat soup

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I was born in Poland, where for many people, bread is the basic. When I was a little girl, I loved to eat bread with fresh butter. I still remember the smell of bread from the corner shop. Now, whenever I want, I bake my own sourdough bread.

Homemade sourdough whole grains bread

Homemade sourdough whole grains bread

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…for example like this:

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